Poll : Which feature shall we add.

Written by:bb
Published by:bb
Published on:2004-01-02 12:45:08

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last poll regarding what feature we should add to the site. Heres a summary of the results...

Heres the final count on the poll...
  • Downloads - 22 votes (39%)
  • New geek levels - 20 votes (36%)
  • Submit your own Geek bonus round - 2 votes (4%)
  • Links - 2 votes (4%)
  • Forum improvements - 3 votes (5%)
  • More rewards - 4 votes (7%)
  • Better article layout - 3 votes (5%)

56 votes were placed on this poll.

A massive thanks to everyone who took part, its your suggestions and ideas which will make this site useful and fun for all of us.

The result of the poll therefore means i'll be adding a downloads section to the site, to include at least the following features...
  • List of downloads sorted by category
  • Form for submitting download links
  • Voting and click statistics per download
  • Sorting of downloads by vote and clicks
  • User Comments per download

We also recognise that there were a lot of requests for new and improved geek levels, this will be the next objective once the downloads section is complete.

Please tag on any comments you have for either the downloads section or geek/challenge improvements.


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