Complete Newbies Guide to Securing Your Home Computer

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Published on:2003-06-21 07:19:46

This Tutorial is aimed at newusers to the site looking to secure there home computers i will be basing this on windows because most newbies will be using some sort of windows

where to begin... ??

an antivurus program is esential to your home computer to help you stop mallicious code from entering and compromising your home system. You will be thinking that you are a very caucious person about opening attatchments from people you dont know and that you use hotmail for email and the attatchments are allready scanned with there on line virii scanner and wouldnt think you would get a virus.Well sadly we would all want to think that but the truth is vrii can enter your computer many diffrent ways and hotmails free virus scanner for your email attatchments doesent always pick up attacments with certain extensions.Also if you download files for research on a website's virii can also be inbeded in zip files im not saying all websites do this but some actually do they are mostly affected with backdoor trojans and worms.Trojans if you allready didnt know are programs that let an attacker gain control of your home system they are mostly all client server based .Worms on the other hand is some code that replicates itself it can have many characteristics some are self replicating most email worms to are made to spread through email like the new bugbear worm which spreads through your email address book if you are infected its charecteristics contain a keylogger and a trojan proggrame it has been the first email virus to appear on the U.K news since the love letter virus i have only nicked the virii that spread through the web they are alsorts that are designed to do all difrent things.Now that we have disscused only 2 of the may diffrent virii on the net we need a program to stop this.Now if like me you havent got a job or are a student and not much cash not to worry they are free antiviruse and online scans on the net i will list a few sites where you can find such programs
  • <- AVG, a free downloadable antivirus program
  • <- a german made av program
  • <- a free online virii scan
  • <-- yet another free downloadable virii scanner
  • <- links to AV
    remember boys and girls your AV software is only as good as its updates atleast up date once every 2 weeks

    you will be thinking i have a good antivirus why do i need a trojan scanner because the truth is most AV like norton (which i used) dont completly clean your computer of the nasty software they only seperate it from the rest of your computer .Trojans have been around for as long as the internet the most famous are Sub7 which was written by Mob Man and Backorrifice which was witten by the cult of the dead cow.The C-D-C origanaly wrote backoriffice to show microsoft how much security windows lacked and a spokesman for microsoft said it isnt a security threat in the right hands it could be a very good tool for administators.Now if a microsoft spokesman said that think about how much power someone could hold over your system with one of these programs.So you will be wanting rid of them correct i will provide links to shareware progrmas which are good for a 30 day trial
  • <- the cleaner
  • Review_05395_index.html
  • - 26k
  • <- tauscan

    Firewalls are another essential like the AV software you will be thinking why do i need a firewall anyway why would someone want to hack my little windows box when they are bigger and better computers out there and i dont store my creditcard details or any financial records and nothing of importance on it.The answer is simple a lot of hackers look for weak systems to penetrate to use as a jump point.A jump point to a good hacker is important thats why they look for weak systems like home computers school computers etc to launch an attack on a bigger and better host system so the system logs all point back to you and the hacker has left no evidence of him/her being there once again i will be providing links to free firewalls
  • out post a vergood firewall
  • <<--- zone alarm
  • <<-- tiny personal firewall
  • <<-- keiro personal fireawall
  • <<-- sygate personal firewall

    Spyware is small programs that record your internet activity and report back to a remote host's for research to gather up sites for crummy search engines and stuff like that kAzZa is full of this s**t if your using kAzZa and use a spyware removal tool it wont work anymore so if you really like using kAzZa i suggest you download kazzalite at To get rid of this spyware download this tool I currently don't know of any other spyware removal tools.

    keyloggers are also forms of spyware. One can find a good keylogger removal tool at

    encryption is where you encrpt files and text so you can securly pass it through the internet as internet hacker pointed out. There are many tools for encrypting files there are even tools for encrypting text in a jpeg extension which would be a picture file say your password was computer (just an example) when you encrypt it it would look something like this 1aWr6tYi0E which wouldnt be recognizable to someone sniffing on a gateway or between networks where your transmitting this data look here for tools on encryption serach for freeware encryption programs By my friend prodikal

    well i hope the new people to the site has found this info helpful
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