Digital Rights Management (DRM)

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Published on:2003-06-21 07:19:46

OK, everyone uses kazaa, gnutella and the like, but how much do you know about digital rights management? Plans are underway to restrict access to digital media, under the banner of enforcing copyright.
These new technologies will be brought in, [b]regardless of what we do or think[/b], as big business has heavily infiltrated government policy making, leaving them singing from the same hymn sheet. End to end DRM solutions from content production, delivery to consumption will affect everything we know in the digital age.

So what can you do? The most important thing you can do is get up to speed on whats really happening out there.. heres a few links to articles which should help broaden your knowledge on digital rights management and ultimately allow for informed and educated discussion.
  • IDRM is a Research Group formed to research issue and technologies relating to Digital Rights Management (DRM) on the Internet.
  • A working paper on how a DNS system could be used to validate copyrighted digital information
  • Long time rights campaigner Richard Stallman has a few things to say about DRM
  • Specification for a DRM system
  • A Digital Object Identification System
  • The W3C Workshop on DRM
  • Microsofts opinions and options for a DRManaged world
  • The fantastic EPIC organisation has some very good choice words to say about DRM .. DRM is a Threat to Open Source Software
  • DRM systems are already being cracked
    So get involved, get educated, and perhaps maybe we can make a difference to the way DRM shapes our future digital world.

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