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Linux: Is it for everyone?

Written by:nirus
Published by:optikal
Published on:2004-07-04 12:55:51
Search OSI about Linux.More articles by nirus.
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Linux is the geek operating system of choice, in fact I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you are probably not a true computer geek unless you have at least played with linux at some point. The question remains is linux at a stage where it can be used by everyone? Is it ready for public consumption or is it a pipe dream?

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2004-07-04 22:46:17
The holy grail that the linux community strives for is Linux on the desktop. I personally feel this is somewhat misguided. While is is possible that Linux will make a charge into to the desktop, this doesnt really feel like its natural place. The desktop is Microsoft's bread and butter and they will not give this sector up easily, and if I am honest, I still think they deliver a better product on the desktop.

Opensource unix varients (to include the BSDs) will eventually control the server arena IMHO. Linux on the desktop will be a powerful option for developers and power users, but I dont even see mainstream adoption of linux on the client, where users are happy to trade security for simplicity, power for ease of use etc...
2004-07-04 22:48:04
Just to clarify, when I say Linux will eventually control the server arena I mean that Microsoft's server offerings will decline to the point that they become unprofitable and eventually be discontinued.
2004-12-13 11:26:44
I would agree that Windows is better for the Desktop, but Linux is much more fun.

It's harder to crash Linux, but when you do it's much more interesting to watch
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