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Included Dlls with your exe without needing an install

Written by:Pertinax
Published by:Codybob90
Published on:2009-05-06 18:18:31
Search OSI about Dot.Net.More articles by Pertinax.
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I created a WinForms utility that depended on some DLLs and wanted the user to be able to just download and click on the exe to run the app. Usually if your exe needs some other files you wrap things up into a package and the user has to go through an install process. This takes time and forces the user to unistall if they don't want the program after it's served its purpose. I didn't like this and found a way to embed the files I needed into my exe and extract and link them when the program ran.

.Net won't let you include a dll as a resource. The way around this is to push your dll into an image and include the image in the exe. If you skip the image header .net won't complain. You just need to mark the beginning and end of the dll binary data so you know where to start and stop when extracting it.

Here is a program I wrote that makes it easy to push your file into an image.

Once you have done this you can use the following methods to save the image to a file and then extract the dll from the image.

//Save image to a file

//Extract the dll
ExtractFile("C:\\temp_file", "C:\\MyDll.dll", "^^^^^^^^^^", "**********");

//This method extracts the dll from the image file and saves it with the name given
public static bool ExtractFile(string sourceFile, string destination, string startMarker, string endMarker)

       int filestart = 0;
       int fileend = 0;

       int marker_position = 0;

       FileInfo finfo = new FileInfo(sourceFile);

       FileStream fs = new FileStream(sourceFile, FileMode.Open);

       //Create Buffer
       byte[] buff = new byte[finfo.Length];

       //Read file contents
       fs.Read(buff, 0, (int)finfo.Length);

       //Close file

       //Get file start position
       for(int bytecnt = 0; bytecnt < buff.Length; bytecnt++)
           //Look for startMarker
           while (buff[bytecnt + marker_position] == startMarker[marker_position++])
               if (marker_position == startMarker.Length)
                   filestart = bytecnt + marker_position;

           marker_position = 0;

       //Find end position
       for (int bytecnt = filestart; bytecnt < buff.Length; bytecnt++)
           //Look for startMarker
           while (buff[bytecnt + marker_position] == endMarker[marker_position++])
               if (marker_position == startMarker.Length)
                   fileend = bytecnt;

           marker_position = 0;

       //Save to file
       fs = new FileStream(destination, FileMode.Create);
       fs.Write(buff, filestart, fileend - filestart);

       return File.Exists(destination);

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2009-06-30 14:53:14
This is very good idea to let end user free from installations and addins... but when you programming in .Net the user must install the .Net framework first. anyway take a look at product named thinstall or vmware virtualisation suit you may find them useful too.
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