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Free Online Security Certification

Written by:gabbana
Published by:SAJChurchey
Published on:2004-03-01 17:48:24
Search OSI about Announcement.More articles by gabbana.
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NGSEC Security Certification is a service that certifies your real Security/Hacking skills.

Unlike other security certifications, its focus is to certify your security knowledge and skills through theorical and practical tests.

The test consists of 5 practical challenges as well as theoretical questions. You need to finish the tests within 24 hours after registration and need a score of at least 75/100 to become certified.

After you have passed the certification tests, you will recieve a certification in form of a PDF file which can be checked by NGSec's server.


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2004-03-01 23:14:21
Hah, that was some really cool tests, even though I failed them. Mighty fine if you ask me :)
2004-03-02 22:51:33
free, lol they used to try and charge 50$ for that. we used to get a discount.
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