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It's Friday... That's good enough for me!
non stop lolz here but thats soon to end thanks to uni, surely the rest of the world is going good?
how things are going guys? Here... boring...
I must be going wrong on the password lengths then, as long as it was done on ECB
lol... the key is in hex (MD5: of the string "doit" without the "'s) and is in lower case. Maybe i should have submitted this as a challenge!

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Free Online Security Certification

Written by:gabbana
Published by:SAJChurchey
Published on:2004-03-01 17:48:24
Search OSI about Announcement.More articles by gabbana.
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NGSEC Security Certification is a service that certifies your real Security/Hacking skills.

Unlike other security certifications, its focus is to certify your security knowledge and skills through theorical and practical tests.

The test consists of 5 practical challenges as well as theoretical questions. You need to finish the tests within 24 hours after registration and need a score of at least 75/100 to become certified.

After you have passed the certification tests, you will recieve a certification in form of a PDF file which can be checked by NGSec's server.


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2004-03-01 23:14:21
Hah, that was some really cool tests, even though I failed them. Mighty fine if you ask me :)
2004-03-02 22:51:33
free, lol they used to try and charge 50$ for that. we used to get a discount.
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