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Subnetting, the mystery explained!

Written by:dimport
Published by:Nightscript
Published on:2003-06-21 07:19:46
Search OSI about Networking.More articles by dimport.
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This is a fairly straightforward introduction into subnetting. Shows, using a simple example how to implement a subnet on a class b network.

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2006-12-16 15:20:12
was good but how many subnetts can you have thenn from thge example given
2006-12-16 15:30:22
I like http://www.osix.net/modules/article/?id=495 , myself
2007-01-11 14:45:31
You explained the math behind subnetting, but you never explained what it was used for. A more in-depth explanation of this would be more useful.
2008-10-21 11:49:29
The small paragraph were you explain about network portions, class B is correct.

Please check Class A&C, you nominate the network portion as hosts.
2008-10-26 01:07:10
this suck, your explanation doesn't lead anywhere....
2009-01-22 13:19:35
i still dont get it
2009-01-25 20:16:47
I also dont understand this as first and second set of usable address ranges make no sense to me. Surely 5 bits would be adding up 128 + 64 + 32 + 16 + 8. Makes no sense at all.
2009-02-25 12:29:06

How do you borrow 5 bits from the host if it's all 0's?
would it not be
10011100.00000001- network.11000000.11100000- host
2009-02-25 12:29:40
above reply to carl.pearce@yahoo.co.uk
2009-10-07 16:07:57
It helped me understand it
2010-02-09 08:32:48
after borrowing bits from HOST ADDRESS...how did we get one at last..i.e001.00000001 (((if possible/if don't possible plz send the answer to senoritasruthi@rediffmail.com
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