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How to use Pause in VB

Written by:dimport
Published by:Nightscript
Published on:2003-06-21 07:19:46
Topic:Visual Basic
Search OSI about Visual Basic.More articles by dimport.
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In this tutorial, you will learn about the public sub Pause and what is it used for.

Here is the code of this public sub:

Public Sub Pause(NbSec As Single)
 Dim Finish As Single
 Finish = Timer + NbSec
 Do Until Timer >= Finish
End Sub

First of all, this Public Sub is used in order to put an interval between actions. It can be used in many situation. To use it, you need to type "pause" and "1" (for a pause of 1 second, 0.2 for a 1/5 second pause...) Let see some exemple of application:

Open a new project and add the Public Sub Pause to your code page. Then, in general section, declare the following variables:

Dim x1 As Long, x2 As Long, y1 As Long, y2 As Long, time As Byte

Now in: Form_Click paste the following code:

For time = 1 To 200
 x1 = Int(Rnd * 5000)
 y1 = Int(Rnd * 3000)
 x2 = Int(Rnd * 5000)
 y2 = Int(Rnd * 3000)
 Me.DrawWidth = 1
 Me.Line (x1, y1)-(x2, y2), QBColor(5)
Next time

Test it and notice the speed of the line draw. Now add
Pause 0.1
Me.Line (x1, y1)-(x2, y2), QBColor(5)

Test it again. You see the line are drawn slower. For and Next are one of the Pause Sub application but you can use is everywhere you want an pause between to events.

What you have learned:
  • What is the Public Sub Pause

  • How to use the Public Sub Pause

This article was originally written by Welk

Did you like this article? There are hundreds more.

2006-08-11 12:43:08
I have found that this pause works but at a heavy cost. The processor goes to over 50% during the pause. That's on a system with a P4 3ghz 2GB RAM
2006-08-11 12:52:44
Have you tried putting the DoEvents inside the Do...Loop?
2006-08-12 01:50:13
If all you need is a simple pause (or perhaps even complex ones) in a for loop or so.. use a Timer. You wont see any processor usage.
2006-12-19 04:15:30
Have you tried to use this when you go from a day to another. For example put a pause of 10 sec and start the pause at 23:59:53. The result is that you will never get out from this pause:D
2007-05-24 11:23:13
Try thread Sleep API sub from kernel32
2008-05-20 00:26:27
System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(numSec * 1000)
2009-12-02 16:18:55
2011-06-27 23:54:35
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